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Our Story

pacsafe is Born

Co-founder develops a unique, first of its kind anti-theft backpack protector made from eXomesh® anti-theft technology.

pacsafe's First Award

Pacsafe® 85L Backpack protector wins the Backpacker Magazine’s Editor Choice Award.

Our First Office

Outpac Designs sets up its first office.

pacsafe USA

Outpac Designs Inc. in the USA is established!

Business Entrepreneurial Award

Our young founders receive the AustCham ANZ Australian Business Award in Hong Kong.

Product of the Year

Lidsafe wins Motorcyclist Magazine Product of the Year Award.

Intelligent Design

Travelsafe™ 100 wins ILM Awards in the category for "Intelligent Design”.

Keeping Identities Safe

RFID blocking technology is introduced to Pacsafe® product range to protect identities from being stolen while travelling.

RFIDsafe™ 50 honoured in the travel accessory category at the OutDoor Industry Award 2010.

The Ultimate Anti-theft Gear

Ultimatesafe™ 32L honoured in the Backpacks & Travel Luggage category at the OutDoor Industry Awards.

Urban Gear for Everyday Use

Z-28 heritage anti-theft urban backpack wins international iF product design award in the lifestyle and leisure category.

Outstanding Product Design

The Ultimatesafe™ 32L backpack wins ILM award for ‘outstanding product design’ and ‘compelling brand concept’.

pacsafe China

Outpac Designs (Shenzhen) Ltd in China is established!

Luggage Goes Anti-Theft

Introduced first anti-theft adventure luggage collection.

Packed for Adventure

Venturesafe™ 65L awarded the OutDoor Industry Award in the Backpack/Travel Luggage category.

pacsafe Germany

Outpac Designs sets up office in Germany.

Luggage Goes Anti-Theft

The AT29 Wheeled duffel receives ‘highly commended award’ in best carry-on category for "outstanding quality, fine craftsmanship and design flair."

New luggage. New technology

Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock & Interlocking Zippers created for 3 new luggage collections.

Outpac Designs Limited, makers of Pacsafe® was established in 1998 by 2 Aussie friends who had sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries around the world. Their own experiences and those of other travellers convinced them of the need for no-nonsense travel security and from that their eXomesh® anti-theft technology was born and formed the first-ever, award-winning Pacsafe® anti-theft backpack protector.

Today, Pacsafe® can be found in over 33 countries worldwide and the product range includes adventure backpacks, leisure bags, urban bags, women’s bags, camera bags as well as luggage and travel accessories.

One Clear Purpose

Just as it was in the beginning, at the heart of every Pacsafe® product is one clear purpose - to keep travellers one step ahead of the game by keeping their gear secure from opportunistic thieves. Pacsafe® gives travellers the peace of mind they need to get on and get out there on the road less travelled.

At Pacsafe® we want travellers to create an album packed full of rich memories and stories that they'll be telling friends in years to come. And as travellers at heart, whether they've been on Safari in South Africa, backpacking in the Golden Triangle or enjoying that cruise of a lifetime, we want to be part of that experience with them.

We like to see ourselves as their best travel mate or buddy - we've got you (and your gear) covered so that you can get out there and enjoy the journey

Our Heritage

Our heritage is anchored in delivering innovative travel products that integrate unique award-winning, anti-theft technology. And while we stay true to our core, that 'no one deserves to get ripped off', we continue to evolve both our technology and designs. So not only are our products engineered and tested to thwart thieves and stand up to the rigors of travel, they're simple and stylish enough for everyday use. So, whether you're travelling to and from work, relaxing with your feet up on a white, sandy beach (Mojito in hand), touring Cairo's Grand Pyramids or visiting relatives in London, there's a Pacsafe® for everyone and every situation.

How Pacsafe® has helped travellers around the world

  • Hi, I've recently bought several of your bags (citysafe 200 & 400 x 2 each, 3 camera straps, 3 RFID passport/wallets) and accessories for myself and some friends and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your gear. I love it and am recommending it to everyone I know. I am travelling to Sth Africa next year and feel much more confident that everything will be safe. I've even started using one of the bags now as a everyday bag as it is so lovely. I can fit my ipad, my kindle, glasses, wallet, camera, passport/tickets, phone and other small items in the main compartment of the citysafe 200 without even using the inside zip or the outside one! Perfect handbag! And it just looks like a normal bag. No-one would know what I have stashed in there. The citysafe 400 lets me take an extra camera if I want. I am so glad I came across your gear before I purchased a camera bag or another bag that I wouldn't have been happy with. Warmest Regards Pat Ferguson

    Patricia Ferguson | Australia


  • citysafe-200-gii-anti-theft-shoulder-bag Just back from my Europe trip and the above bag was SUPER fantastic!. It made me feel safe that all my valuables were protected and I did see a few dodgy looking people checking me out but none got close as I think they know these bags are thieve proof! I have already raved to my friends and travelling buddies about this bag and will buy more for the rest of my family and friends. Love it

    Diane Van Ie | Australia


  • Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we have just come back from a 3 week holiday in Sth Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and have nothing but praise for the Pacsafe products we took. Between the four of us we had 2 Citysafe 200 bags, 1 metrosafe backpack (and boy did that take some beating), 1 slingsafe 75 (held my passport, wallet, lip balm, glasses, vaccination certificate, phone and some cough lollies), 4 camera straps, 3 passport wallets and 4 rfid 100 wallets. All performed beautifully and the backpack in particular was amazing. It held nearly 6 kilos of "stuff" and it stood up to the abuse of 3 weeks travelling without a problem. I would highly recommend your products to any traveller. Warmest Regards Pat

    Patricia Ferguson | Australia


  • Our PacSafe Metrosave bags and wallets (with the chains) thwarted two pickpocket attempts recently on the Paris Metro. Thank you PacSafe!!!!

    FG | United States


  • I am soooo happy, I really love the Pacsafe bags (I own 4 !) and I have converted some of my friends to these bags. So I am a very happy winner ! I would like the slingsafe 200 cross body bag, in berry (of course !)... Once again, many thanks for this great contest !!! I'll let you know when I receive the bag. Lucie L'Archeveque - Directors Chair Competition Winner

    Lucie. L | Canada


  • Hello Pacsafe, Yesterday An old man around 40 years old, tried to get my stuff in the bag when i was in the mall. The mall was crowded due to there was a concert. As I continued to walk, this guy started to follow me. My bag was at the back of me, I saw him from the reflection of the glass when he touched and tried to open the zipper, luckily Pacsafe has a locking system. If I did not use a Pacsafe bag my valuables would have been stolen. I made a right decision on purchasing and trusting your products. I have attached the picture of my bag that the thief attempted to get my things and that saved me. THANK YOU PACSAFE!!!! I WILL JUST ONLY BY BAGS FROM YOU!!

    Sheryl Mirchandani | Philippines